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One day, Armelle adopts a Japanese Shin puppy, Totori. She has a fence built along the street frontage of her section, to make sure that Totori cannot run off.

Some weeks later, Totori is running around the front yard when an acquaintance of Armelle’s, Zoe, walks past the section, on the way home from the supermarket. Zoe sees Totori and falls in love with him. She entices him to the edge of the section with a steak, picks him up, and runs off with him. No one sees her do so. The same day, realising that Totori is missing, Armelle makes a report to the police, but the police are never able to find Totori.

Some years later, Armelle is taking a walk near her home when from across the road, she sees an acquaintance, Callum, walking a Japanese Shin. Armelle crosses the road and realises that the dog is Totori. She calls Totori’s name, and Totori runs across the road to her, clearly recognising her. Callum is taken aback.

Armelle asks Callum how Totori ended up with him, and Callum answers that he bought Totori from Zoe one year ago, only days before Zoe moved away from the neighbourhood, never to return.


Armelle considers suing Callum over Totori. Whether she would be successful in an action in conversion depends on how many years ago Zoe took Totori. Why?

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