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One of the most controversial and challenging issues facing criminal justice administrators is the incorporation of fair and effective employee performance evaluations. Does the performance of essential functions by an employee meet or exceed performance standards and accomplish what the agency has identified as being critical to the efficiency and effectiveness of their operations? How do you measure how well an employee is performing the essential functions of their position? Whether it’s in a correctional setting where the goal is to provide inmate supervision and administer a range of options and sanctions available for a felons’ reintegration into society following release from confinement, or a law enforcement agency’s goal of reducing crime rates, fear of crime and improving the quality of life in a community, criminal justice administrators face a multitude of issues relating to thorough, fair, impartial and accurate assessment tools. Your assignment is to identify a criminal justice agency and provide an overview of their performance evaluation system. Based on your readings, your analysis should include the following: Background demographics on the agency, including the number of employees and information on jurisdiction that they serve. An overview of the foundation and purpose of the evaluation. How often are evaluations conducted and how are they administered? Are the evaluations clearly linked back to goals and are the goals measurable? What are the procedures and/or consequences for less than adequate evaluations? Critique the evaluation tool being used. Recommendations for improvements in both the tool and its application.

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