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井08 Dhaw the ind the lac tion and oment diag ams and nitude mani of the maximum monent ot o) e beam on the lep The bean o0 the RAh 34KN o 300N 0.2cm tS19 Elements of Mechanical Design (ME 370) Homework I: Due Class 2 40 Points 1.) Select an AISC tee listed as WT, ST, and MT) from the link provided below and find/confirm the centroid from the top (ybar)) and the moment of inertia about the x and y axes through the centroid. Perform this calculation by hand and ignore the fillet. Dont pick one of the first several on the list to ensure that you are unlikely to pick the same section as another student y(bar) d --.i 2.) Draw the appropriate FBDs and find the equivalent forces and moments at the section which contains points H and K 12 3.) Draw the shear/moment diagrams and find the location and magnitude of the maximum moment for a.) The beam on the left b.) The beam on the right 4.) Determine the torque in the shaft between: a. Pulley A and B b. Pulley B and C c. Pulley C and D 1,200 N-m 4500 Nm 500 N-m Be sure to follow:RULES FOR ALL HOME WORK SUBMITTALS RULES FOR ALL HOMEWORK SUBMITTALS Be neat, Use engineering paper (or the simulated engineering paper provided on Blackboard). Use a straight edge and skelch the problem Sloppy work will not be graded. 2. Show all work Inc lude equations with variables and with values. Communicate your method. 3. Use at least 4 significan figures during calculations. 4. Answers must include a. b. c. d. e. A box around the answer 3 significant figures, 4 if the answer begins withI Reque sted/standard units Direction arrows when appropriate Designation of tension or compression when appropriateONLY QUESTION 3

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