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6.51. versus teen gamers. A Pew Internet Project Data Memo presented data comparing adult gamers with teen gamers with respect to the devices on which they play. The data are from two surveys. The adult survey had 1063 gamers, while the teen survey had 1064 gamers. The memo reports that 54% of adult gamers played on game consoles (Xbox, PlayStation, Wii, etc.), while 89% of teen gamers played on game consoles.22 (a) Refer to the table that appears at the beginning of this section (page 344). Fill in the numerical values of all quantities that are known. (b) Find the estimate of the difference between the proportion of teen gamers who played on game consoles and the proportion of adults who played on these devices. (c) Is the large-sample confidence interval for the difference in two proportions appropriate to use in this setting? Explain your answer (d) Find the 95% confidence interval for the difference. (e) Convert your estimated difference and confidence interval to percents. (f The adult survey was conducted between October and December 2008, whereas the teen survey was conducted

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