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ooc smary. noW does it reflect the skewness of the distribution Maternal age at childbirth. How old are women when they have their first child? Here is the distribution of the age of the mother for all firstborn children in the 2.32 United States in 2014:1 Age Count Age Count 10-14 years 2,769 30-34 years 326,391 15-19 years 205,747 35-39 years 114,972 20-24 years 445,523 40-44 years 23,941 25-29 years 428,762 45-49 years 2,169 2.35
Exercises 69 The number of firstborn children to mothers under 10 or over 50 years of age represent a negligible percentage of all first births and are not included in the table. (a) For comparison with other years and with other countries, we prefer a histogram of the percents in each age class rather than the counts. Explain why. (b) How many babies were there? (c) Make a histogram of the distribution, using per- cents on the vertical scale. Using this histogram, describe the distribution of the age at which women have their first child. (d) What are the locations of the median and quartiles in the ordered list of all maternal ages? In which age classes do the median and quartiles fall? 2.33 More on Nintendo and laparoscopic surgery. In
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