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..ooo ROGERS令 10:57 Lab 3- Bank System Requ 1. UML at the end of these requirements b. The getName method should return the firstName concatenated with the lastName (with a space in between). The getEmail and getPhoneNum methods should be implemented as simple, straight- forward getter methods c. 2. Account Class a. Follow the UML at the end of these requirements b. Import the java.util.Random class. C. The constructor should receive a Client object and an opening balance amount to initialize these properties. d. The accountNum property should be initialized using the Random.nextiongl method. e. Implement getter methods for each property. f. Create a getName method which will call the getName method of the client, and retur the resulting value. & The deposit method should add the specified amount to the balance. h. The withdraw method should verify that the amount requested is available (less tharn the balance), and if so withdraw the amount and return true. Otherwise, the method should return false. i. Note: The withdraw method has no output statements 3. Bank Class a. The constructor should: i, instantiate and initialize the Scanner property i. prompt the user for the bank name, and initialize the property ii. prompt the user for the number of accounts, and initialize the array BONUS MARK: verify that the input is a valid integer value v. Loop through the length of the array 1. Prompt for and input client first name, last name, phone number, and email address. 2. BONUS MARK: validate email address 3. Create a new Client object with this information 4. Prompt for and input an opening balance. 5. Create a new Account with the client and balance 6. Add the new account to the array of accounts b. The printAccounts method should loop through all accounts in the array and print all the details of that account in a single row of output. Use DecimalFormat to format the output of the balance The main method should: C. i. Declare and instantiate a new Bank object ii. Use a loop and switch statement to process user input with the following options: 1. P or p: call printAccounts 2. W or w
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