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Operating system

a. For each of the following, answer true/false and explain your answers in not more than two sentences i. Paging leads to external fragmentation. i. LRU exhibits the Belady anomaly i. Two distinct page tables can have the same page table entry despite existing in separate processes. Memory protection can be implemented without using an address translation mechanism v. Using a smaller page size increases the size of the page table. 3 marks each x 5 = [15 marks] b. Concisely disprove or support this claim: working set size is larger during the period of good locality (as compared to the poor locality period) and hence causes thrashing c. Segmentation memory allocation techniques was invented to deal with fragmentation problems in the previous [4 marks]
chniques(Fixed and variable partition). How does this works? Does it totally solve the fragmentation problem? 16 marks]
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