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Question: operating systems question answer carefully and completely for a thumbs...

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Operating Systems Question

Answer carefully and completely for a thumbs up

I know part (a), need help with other parts.

Question3 (a) Imagine you are training an inexperienced software developer. Your trainee is trying to decide whether to do Java development in a full IDE like intelliJ IDEA or whether to stick with a regular text editor, and they have asked you for your advice What points would you make to them about the advantages and disadvantages of using a full IDE in a software project? (b) You are inspecting the work of the trainee developer from (a) and you discover that they have created a number of different directories called Versionl, version2, Version1-noDatabase, their approach to source code management, they reply with it works for me- Version2-experiment, etc. When you quiz them about dont see why its worth the effort to learn a version control system. What could you say to your trainee to persuade them that their approach is flawed and that using a version control system is worthwhile? (c) A textbook on software development tools states that branching is one of Gits most important features for supporting collaboration within a team of developers. Explain, with reference to project workflow, the reasoning behind this statement. (d) When developin g in teams, why is it considered essential to have an automated build process, managed by version-controlled build scripts?

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