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Question: operating systems solve with shell script linux code in c...

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Operating systems. Solve with shell script. Linux. Code in C. No use of printf or fopen, only system calls allowed. Solution must only use system calls for obtaining input and generating output. Examples of system calls are shown.

This program should accept the name of a file that includes a list of commands (one per line) to execute. Each line of the file should be executed by a subprocess and the output written to the file capture.txt For example, given the command file: /bin/ls -1 /bin/cat apple banana The output saved to capture.txt might be: 51 Jan 18 12:07 apple rw-1 schubert them 27 Jan 18 12:09 banana rw-1 schubert them 13179 Jan 18 12:15 cantaloupe first line of file apple econd line of file apple banana first and only line 41 217 cantaloupeunlink open close dup read write lseek remove a file open a file for reading/writing close a previously open file duplicate an existing file descriptor extract info from a file put info into a file move to specified location in a file fork execl wait exit dup, dup2 duplicate an existing file descriptor kill create a new almost-copy of the current program replace program being executed with a new one wait for child process to complete terminate self Send a signal to a process To send a signal: To handle a signal signal (sig, handler); kill (pid, sig);

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