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Question: organ noticed some interesting results in his fruit fly work...

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organ noticed some interesting results in his fruit fly work (Fig 3.18 on p 69 in your text). red-eyed female to white-eyed male and the reciprocal, white-eyed female to red- Diagram his crosses of Fi to eyed male. I have set up the crosses below for drosophila notation s (X.-wild-type red-eyed allele and X-white-eyed allele). Use Punnettsq predicted ratios among offspring for each of the crosses. hown in your text you using the traditional uares, then describe in words the 14. You have repeated Mendels experiments by crossing true-breeding plants that produce yellow, round peas with true-breeding plants that produce green, wrinkled peas. After you obtain the F2 generation, you want to figure out which individuals that produce yellow, round peas are true-breeding. If vou perform testcrosses of each of the F yellow, round pea plants, what phenotvpic ratios should you see in the offspring of the testeross of Erplants. (Remember, there are four different genotypes which could show the yellow, round phenotype, so you will have four different testerosses with different predictions.) x yyrr 15. Assume the following pedigree shows an X-linked trait. Decide if the affected allele is X-linked dominant or X-linked recessive, then label all possible genotypes. Be sure to include a legend defining your symbols. Which of the following types of inheritance would also be possible. (Circle all that may apply!) . Autosomal Dominant b. Autosomal Recessive Sex-limited d. mitochondrially inherited . Y-linked 12
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