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Question: orhinate and polln 62 a straight line has point 1...

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orHinate and polln 62. A straight line has point (-1 ude ght (4, and of 3 line has slope 3 and y-intercept (0. 1). Does the 1).Find the dista starts the appros -1.-2) lie on the line? if the airpont 113 Cost E ty hosp In 1996, the stock in a computer hardware company hrough 2 equation as a fur 12. B s37 per share. However, the company was in trouble tock price dropped steadily, to $8 per share in 2006. eine showing the relationship between the price per share rpanythrough 2 and the year in which it ears on the x-axis and price on the y-axis. Find and interpret traded for the time interval [1996,20061 the slope. In i tha ms 64-65, find an equation of the line describing the following information. Home Runs In one season, a major league baseball player has hit 14 home runs by the end of the third month and 20 home runs by the end of the fifth month. 65. B debts of $100,000. After operating for five years, she has usiness A delicatessen owner starts her business with accumulated a profit of $40,000. 66. Due Date The length, L, of a human fetus more than te m e ted by the formula L = 1.53t-6.
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