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Question: oscar 3yrs and bonnie 5yrs are both in the bathroom...

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Oscar (3yrs) and Bonnie (5yrs) are both in the bathroom before lunchtime. Bonnie returns to the room and calls out to you. "Oscar needs help, he had an accident". You enter the bathroom area and Oscar is standing crying with his pants and underwear at his knees and you can see and smell that he has soiled his pants. Oscar is hiding his face and saying "go away, go away!" 

How do you respond to Oscar? How do you ensure his privacy and maintain his self-esteem? What hygiene practice would be needed? What would you say to Bonnie? Provide a detailed response.

Consider the Code of Ethics & Rights of the child. (which articles relate and guide your practices)

ECA Code of Ethics I (1) states that I must act in the best interests of all children. With this in mind, I would act in the best interest of Bonnie by praising her for letting me know about the accident by saying "Thank you for telling me Bonnie, Oscar is upset right now and I will help him to feel better" and attempt to re-engage her in a different activity. If possible, I would inform another staff member about the situation and ask them to ensure that Bonnie is not distressed and has another activity to do while I am helping Oscar. In order to maintain Oscar's privacy and dignity, I would make sure that we are of sight of the other children. I tell Oscar that I understand what has happened and will help him to get clean. 

Section I (6) of the ECA Code of Ethics as well as Article (3) of the Convention on the Rights of the Child, stipulates that I maintain safe and healthy environments and facilities for children. Therefore, it is vital that I help Oscar get clean as quickly as possible. Before I start cleaning Oscar, I will make it clear to him that, if he would like to, he can clean himself and if he needed help I would be more than happy to help him. While I am cleaning Oscar, I will explain what is happening at every stage. First, I will find take off the soiled clothing, wrap a towel around him, find some clean clothing and take him into the bathroom. Then, I will help him to wash with soap, sponge and warm water. I will help to dry him with a clean towel and put on the clean clothing. I will put the dirty clothing into a washing basket or a bucket of warm soapy water. Once he is clean, I will take Oscar back to the main play area and engage him with an activity that he likes.


My teacher's response to my answer -

Scenario 1: Great responses, but you haven't mentioned any hygienic practices that you would utilise? Think about gloves, disinfecting the area, what about Oscar's soiled clothes; what would you use? How about hand washing? Would you role model?

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