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Our goal is to select a material for a minimum mass beam that must support a load without plastically deforming. The equation for the maximum stress in the beam is 3/2 7: whene Z - section moment For a square cross section, Z FL 4Z 6 Assume that the beam length, L, is fixed, but the cross sectional area, A, is free to vary a) What is the function, objective, free variables and constraint. b) With shape factor consideration, derive the materials selection index, M, for this design. (c) We have a limited set of materials in the stockroom to use to make the beam. They are listed in Table 1, along with their properties and shape factor information (based on the square reference shape). Which of these materials has the lowest mass for a given load? Table I TI Wood (oak) along grain 6061-T6 Aluminu GFRP SMC composite 1020 Steel 900 50 x 106 1.5 2,700 2,000 7,850 110 x 1 80 x 1 330 x 1 4

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