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Our old friends, the researchers at CRAZY Inc., are now working in collabora- tion with ACME at their facilities where they are trying to characterize a weird fluid, with codename ERDE45, brought by NASA from the oceans of Jupiter. A spherical solid ball, 0.5Kg mass and radius R = 5cm is sumerged, and at static equilibrium, inside a container full of ERDE45. Since ERDE45 evaporates at Earth’s atmospheric pressure, the liquid (with the ball inside) is in an open cylindrical container located in a safe environment at 0.55atm. If the pressure at the bottom of the container is twice as much that value, determine the height of the container (assume that the container is full) . If the radius of the container is 10cm, what is the weight of the ERDE45 sample on Earth?. Finally, assuming that ERDE45 can be dissolved in water, what would be the density of a solution in a full container if 75% of its height is water?
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