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Our Scenario:
You are the new PM for a two story office building that is lagging behind schedule. The Owner previously was trying to manage the situation on his/her own, but has now brought you, the project designer, on as the Owner’s PM to help them sort out all of the issues. The Owner is frustrated that progress is not being made quicker, the Construction Manager hired by the Owner is inexperienced, productivity is very low, and worker morale is meek.
This is a team assignment, using teams of two for this case study.
List the major components of your plan to increase productivity and worker morale. In other words, based on the PM’s responsibilities we discussed in class, what are some practical actions that will you take to get this project back on track?
What actions did you take during the design process to manage your design team? Can these same actions be used with the entire project team? Why is productivity low? Is a low morale the result of low productivity or is the low productivity the result of low morale? What would increase productivity and morale for this project team? Think through if any of these actions affect other areas of the project (i.e. budget, scope, quality, or schedule impacts).
Your paper, developed collaboratively by your entire student team, must be no more than three pages excluding any references.
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