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Over the last decade, there has been a fusion between cyber security and Information Security Risk Management, as these previously siloed positions have come together. Information Security Risk Management (ISRM) focuses on how to manage security risk in relation to the Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability of data. This is often referred to as the CIA. The data of today’s businesses are stored on servers, desktops, laptops or somewhere in the Cloud—but a decade ago, before all confidential information migrated online, it was sitting in a filing cabinet. Cyber Security Risk Management (CSRM) is a subset of ISRM. It focuses on managing the security risks related to the unauthorised digital access, attack or damage of an organisation’s network infrastructure and computer systems.

Submit a Report (500-750 words) in which you describe the key similarities and differences between the responsibilities and functions of the ISR Manager role and the CSR Manager role. Critically assess where these two roles overlap and where you see the responsibilities and the functions of the CSRM professional expanding dramatically in the next decade.


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