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Question: p1 410mod page 108 the stefanboltzmann law can be employed...

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P1. 4.10-mod (page 108) The Stefan-Boltzmann law can be employed to estimate the rate of radiation of energy H from a surface, as in where H is in watts, A the surface area (m2), e- the emissivity that characterizes the emitting properties of the surface (dimensionless), ơ a universal constant called the Stefan-Boltzmann constant (: 5.67 x 10-8 w m-2 K-4), and T- absolute temperature (K). (a) Using first-order error analysis, estimate the error of H for a copper sphere with radius (b) First-order error analysis provides an estimate of the error how can you check whether this is (c) For the total error in H calculated in (a). what are the percentage contributions from each of the 4 (d) The error in H is most sensitive to the error in which quantity? 0.15 0.01 m, emissivity: 0.90 0.05, and absolute temperature # 550 correct? Hint- calculate the true absolute error in H quantities (r,e, o, T) to the total error in H? 10 K. (e) Shouldnt the answer for (d) match the quantity that has the greatest percentage contribution as calculated in (c)? Why or why not? If you could reduce the error in only one of the variables, which one would you choose and why? (
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