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Question: p1 assuming vv4333 v v2 v3167 v a forward voltage...

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P1. Assuming V-V43.33 V, V2 --V31.67 V, a forward voltage drop of 0.7 V for the diodes, and R2/(Rit R2) 0.5, manually (analytically) derive and sketch as Graph P1 the input-output transfer characteristic of the circuit of Figure 1 (that is, a plot of vo versus vi) You can do this systematically by moving from an infinitely negative input voltage to an infinitely positive input voltage, and determining the output in terms of the input for every combination of conduction states for the diodes. Show all work. Signal Generator Wave-shaping Circuit R2 Figure 1. Wave-shaping circuit with multiple DC voltage sources (batteries)characteristic of the circuit, and present the curve as Graph P3(b) Graph P3(a). Input and output voltage waveforms Graph P3(b). Input-output transfer characteristic.-+--+-+-+--+--+-+-+-+-+ --+--ト--t--t--ト-」 ト-+ . Graph P5(b). Input-output transfer characteristic of the wave-shaping circuit of Figure 3.

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