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Question: p10008 multistep 6 mm4 shown in the figure use the...

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P10.008 (Multistep) 6 mm4 shown in the figure, use the double integration method to determine the deflection at A Assume For the cantilever steel beam (E = 20 GPa; 1-129 x L = 3.0 m, P = 69 kN, and wo = 97 kN/m. xt Part 1 Write an equation for the internal moment in the beam as a function of location x. Verify your equation by calculating the moment in the beam at two locations: (a) x1.00 m, and (b) x -1.5 m. Enter your answers with the correct signs for the internal bending moment in the beam based on the sign convention. (a) M (b) M kN m KN·mPart 3 Evaluate the constants of integration, C1 and C2, where these are shown in the deflection equation from Step 2. Clearly, the numerical values for these constants depend on the units specified. Be attentive to the units used on all parameters and be sure to enter your answer for G in units of kN·m 2 and your answer for C2 in units of kN m3 kN m2 kN m3 Ci C2▼ Part4 Determine the deflection at A. Enter a negative value if A deflects downward, or a positive value if it deflects upward. YAーP10.017 (GO Tutorial) Incorrect For the beam and loading shown, use discontinuity functions to compute the deflection vo of the beam at D. Your answer should be consistent with the sign convention discussed in Section 10.3. Assume a constant value of EI-1500 kip-ft2 for the beam and assume that LAB = 4.5 ft, LBC = 6.5 ft, LCO = 3.0 ft, P 5.0 kips and Q = 3.0 kips. mand assume thatate.45ak6.sm 0 LcD AB BC 1.005 in Answer: VD =

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