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My Instituion Chapter 1 InQuiztitive Chapter 1: Five Foundations of Economics tch each term to its correct definition. Drag each item on the left to its matching item on the right the study of individual cases that illustrate general economic laws the study of the overall aspects and workings of an economy the study of the individual units that make economics macroeconomics up the economy microeconomics the study of the use of money in modern economies the study of how people allocate limited resources 2 8 2 3 4 5 6 WIE
DCCD City-Mesa -Miramar-Continuing Ed My Institution Open OnDemand Q SDCCD Online Stue InQuitive: Chapter 1: Five Page 13 1.2.What are flive foundations of economics? Caroline has several options for how to spend her Saturday night, listed in order of descending preference: 1. Go to a folk music concert with a friend. 2. Get dinner with several of her sorority sisters. 3. Go shopping with her mom. Caroline can only do one activity. Match each activity (on the left) with its opportunity cost (on the right). ticketn tma Dreg each item on the left to its matching item on the right dinner with sorority sisters miss sorority dinner folk music concert shopping with mom miss concert 5 6 8
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