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Paragraph 3. PA Guidelines Scenmanos Directions: Identify how mary minutes of aerobic activity sach individual completes each week You should review what is considered moderate and vigorous intensity according to the PA Guidelines. Then, identify whether each individual is currently meeting the Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans and why the individual is or is not meeting the guidelines. Finally, describe what the individual should do to meet the PA Guidelines including an increase in PA or modifications in PA Descripton How much moderate PA Mecting Gudelines? Why or What sbould this persoa do to minutes, vigorous PA minutes why not? & total minutes? meet tbe PA Guidelines? A fnend of yors knows that you are taking Mod PA: this course and wants advice on how much activity ber 4-year-old needs. The fourxear old currently participates in about I bour ofg PA light activity, 1 hour of moderate activity and 30 minutes of vigorous activity. Forty-five-year-old farmer who engages in Mod PA: daily physical activity related to work (for a total of 10 minutes at 5 MET, 7 days per week). Vig PA Total: 22-year-old college student who walks 10 Mod PA minutes on campus every day (3 MET) He works as a bus driver 15 bours per week Vig PA: He would like to lose weight and improte overall health Total glish (United States)
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