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Parent Alleles 시 Type A = 산 | Type AB = 101이 Type A-1 Is | Type AB = I-Type B-|t |Type B 햐叵 ト|Type A = 1-10 |Type B = le le Type O = 10E The possible ABO alleles for one parent are in the top row and the alleles of the other are in the left column 21) The Smiths believe that the hospital nurse has presented them with the wrong baby Blood type analysis gives the following results Mother. Type A Father Type B Baby: Type o

ls it possible that this is their baby? (1 point) Gamete fusion Genotypes 4%) Phenotypes (%) AO AB во AB 22) A woman goes to court to sue a man she believes is the father of her child. The following blood types are determined Woman. Type AB Man: Type O Baby: Type AB Is it possible that this man fathered her baby? (1 point) Gamete fusion Genotypes.(96) Phenotypes (%) AO AB Bo 0 AB

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