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Question: part 1 i started seeing an 18yearold high school senior...

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Part 1: I started seeing an 18-year-old high school senior for therapy. He was depressed and perceive that his girlfriend was the only positive thing in his life. He said they were sexually active got high together and went for high drives in his car just to have fun.
and our eight session additional information was mentioned about his girlfriend and it led me to the conclusion that it was my daughter he was taking about . I told him it would be impossible for me to continue our work together and that I will need to discontinue therapy and her firm to another therapist as soon as possible. Ethical? Or unethical?

Part 2: that evening I told my daughter I knew she been with her boyfriend when she said she was hanging out with her friends. I told her that high-speed drivers were putting her life in danger so I was going to ground her and definitely unless she was at school or with the responsible adult. Ethical? Or unethical?
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