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Question: part 1 select an email topic from the list provided...

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Part 1: Select an email topic from the list provided below. Consider the necessity of the email topic and ideas to craft a worthwhile message to the sender using the three-step process outlined in Chapter 4. Other techniques for any message are in Ch. 5 and 6--with regard to writing and proofreading messages.

Use information also from Ch. 7 on writing e-mail messages (Bovee & Thill, 2018, pp. 186-190).

Email topics

  • Idea suggestion to a manager
  • End-of-semester thank you to an instructor
  • Assignment clarification request to an instructor
  • Meeting request to a mentor
  • Thank you to a peer that provided assistance
  • Reminder to complete a task or project
  • Process change to a team of employees
  • Policy change to a team of employees
  • Organizational announcement to a team of employees
  • Request for an informational interview
  • Thank you for an informational interview

These attached files are from our sister class (EN 306B), and they give the context and some background information on the situations/topics. You may use any of these for our message, if you'd like to do so: Refusing to Waive a Fee for Meg Winston.pdfPreview the document

Options for a Negative Message.pdfPreview the document

9.19 Tuition Reimbursement Program.pdf

Part 2: Develop a formal email, addressed to a fictitious individual, based on the email topic that you selected in Part 1. The email should include the following:

  • To (Using a fictitious email address)
  • From
  • Subject Line
  • Salutation (Using fictitious recipient’s name)
  • A minimum of three paragraphs with at least three complete sentences per paragraph
  • Closing

Evaluate your email for the use of authentic voice, correct grammar, correct spelling, complete paragraphs, a compelling subject line, an introduction that catches the reader’s attention and proper word usage.  Note: You are not sending an email. You are creating a formal email and posting it in the discussion forum to share with the group. The email should be written in a Word document.   Students can either copy and paste the email into their discussion post or take a screenshot of the email and paste the screenshot into their discussion post

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