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Question: part 1 the parking lot problem a local restaurant has...

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Part 1: The Parking Lot Problem A local restaurant has a parking lot that is a rectangular area of 50 yards by 40 yards. The current lot has 36 available parking spaces as shown in the drawin g. 40 yds 50 yds You have been hired by the restaurant owner to determine if it is possible to repaint the parking lot surface to allow for 15 additional parking spaces. There are certain conditions that must be followed: Each parking space must be rectangular Each parking space must be at least 9 feet wide by 18 feet The painted lines separating each parking space must be 4 The driving aisles in the lot must be at least 24 feet wide for long. inches wide. two-way traffic and at least 12 feet wide for one-way traffic Write a brief report to the restaurant owner to explain whether it is possible to increase the number of parking spaces at the restaurant to include 15 additional s support your explanation s. Include a drawing to
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