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Question 1 of 13 (1 point) Mew problem in a pop-up Efficient manufacturing: Efficiency experts study the processes used to manufacture items in order to make them as efficient as possible. One of the steps used to manufacture a metal clamp involves the drilling of three holes. In a sample of 90 clamps, the mean time to complete this step was 59.7 seconds. Assume that the population standard deviation iso 12 seconds Part 1 Construct an S0% confidence interval for the mean time needed to complete this step. Round to one decimal place, if necessary. An S0% confidence interval for the mean is 58. 1 Au 61.3 Part 2 out of 2 Find the sample size needed so that a 9S% confidence interval will have margin of error of 1.5. (Round the critical value to no less than three decimal places.) A sample size of is needed in order to obtain a 9s% confidence interval with a margin error of 1.5.
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