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PART 2: TYPES OF BONDS A chemical bond is an attraction between two or more atoms. Every type of chemical bond is based on the electronegativity of the atoms involved in the bonds. Types of bonds/interactions include: Ionic Bonds-form when one atom steals an electron from another, resulting in two oppo- sitely charged ions. The ions are electrostatically attracted to each other (opposites attract). Covalent bonds-form when two or more atoms share electrons. . Hydrogen bonds-Like ionic bonds, hydrogen bonds are a kind of electrostatic attraction between dipoles. It is not as strong as an ionic bond because dipoles are partial charges 1. Quick demo on how to write a proper definition: POOR DEFINITION: 4-chair is a piece of furniture that is designed to-be sat-on BETTER DEFINITION: A chair is a piece of furniture designed to seat one person that has a back and a seat low enough for most adults to keep feet on the floor when seated. (This distinguishes a chair from other items in its class, such as a sofa or a stool.) Bond Type CI: Na Na Na Description:
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