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PART 2 Use the schematic on the left to work out what would happen during replication. Use thin lines for RNA and thick red lines for DNA. Please pay attention to the leading and lagging strands. ware a nthc red Note that the 5 and 3 here refer to the template strand directionality. Next, fill out the schematic on the right, drawing what you expect to see in the control test tube after the first round of replication is completed. Use thick red lines for hot (radioactive) DNA (and blue for cold DNA). (Assume that if no new DNA i two strands of the original DNA will re-anneal back together.) Th origin of replication. Remember to start from the products of the first round in p generated after the first round, the e yellow bars represent the
1. Control reaction 5 3 3 3 5 2. What would happen if you blocked the action of PRIMASE, so that it could no longer synthesize RNA? 3 3
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