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1. How can I use algebra in my professional and personal life?
2. Why do we use variables?
3. What is the difference between algebra and other topics in math?


Question 1:
At the end of the past month the cash account of a company had an ending balance of $6750. During the last month, the account was debited for a total of $11,350 and credited for a total of $10,500. What was the balance in the Cash account at the beginning of last month?

Use the formula: Beginning Cash Balance + Debits – Credits = Ending Cash Balance

Question 2:
If 2x – 3 + 3x = – 28, what is the value of x?


Is  – 7 a solution to the equation  8 open parentheses 1 fourth x space plus space 3 over 4 close parentheses space minus space 3 equals 17

Question 4:
The expression 20L + 25G – 10 calculates the number of dollars that the ABC Lawn Company makes from mowing L lawns and raking G gardens. How many dollars does the company make from raking 444 gardens and mowing 333 lawns?

Question 5:
What is the value of 3(y + 4) – (x – 1) when x = 3 and y = 2

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