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Part A: Identify each of the following statements as a topic of study in either microeconomics or macroeconomics (write MI for Microeconomics and MA for macroeconomics): 1. The growth of U.S. Gross Domestic Product (GDP) has slowed over the past several years. 2. The percent of U.s. GDP allocated to healthcare spending, only, has increased to an all-time high. 3. Prescription drug prices have increased dramatically over the last decade. There is renewed concern over inflation as the overall price level in the U.S. economy has begun to increase faster than any time in the previous decade. 5. Higher wages paid to nurses would solve the nursing shortage problem. 6. The overall level of wages has been declining in the U.S over the past decade. 7. The current unemployment rate in the U.S continues to be high relative to the 1990s. 8. As the U.S unemployment rate risen, many people have lost their health insurance coverage. 9. Requiring retail firms to offer mandatory health benefits to workers would result in the loss of retail jobs. 10. Over time the price for IPods have increased drastically 11. The interest rates for our country have decreased as Investment have increased.
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