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Question: part a insert the link below click on connecting with...

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Insert the link below. Click on: Connecting with practice; respecting and responding to children. Watch the clip. Answer the questions; 2 Dot Point responses.


What did you notice?
What were the children doing?
What was the educator doing?
What did you notice about the physical setting?
What are the children learning or demonstrating that they have learnt?

Praise V’s Encouragement


What’s the difference? Provide 2 dot point examples


Think of phrases of encouragement that you could use with children for the following scenarios:
1. Charlie (4.5 yrs old) is working on a very challenging puzzle.
2. Lola (2.75 yrs old) has decided to try her green vegetables
3. Jakob (9 month old) is starting to take a few steps independently.
4. Marcous (3 yrs old) is concentrating on tying his shoelaces. 
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