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A 10 lb block B rests as shown on a fixed L shaped bracket A as shown. The coefficients of friction are As-0.30 and μk 0.25 between block Band bracket A. There is no friction at the pins that support the pulleys and the pulleys are massless (so tensions for each pulley are equal)

Part A

Problem 12.031+.b- System with two degrees of freedom, Newtons Second Law Determine the maximum weight of block Cthat can be supported is block B is not to slide. The maximum weight of block Cif block B is not to slide on bracket A is 2.43 lbs

Part B

Problem 12.031+.c System with two degrees of freedom, Newtons Second Law If the weight of block C is 10% larger than the answer found in the previous part, determine the accelerations of B and C(which will have the same magnitude since the cable cannot stretch). .- The acceleration of C is | 5.41 ft/s. ↓

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