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Question: part a research and find 1 type of outdoor space...

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Research and find 1 type of outdoor space, identify how you would manage and conduct a Risk Assessment to ensure it is safe for the children?


1. What happens to a child's skillset, when they learn and recite a new physical skill?

2. Would you consider a Bush Kinder curriculum to:

A. Support your child to discover the natural environment?

B. Embark upon Risk Taking learning opportunities? Explain your choice


3. Consider a calm, shallow running river with a stepping stones of different sizes. Please reflect on the questions below: (Play the role as an Early Childhood Professional)

A. Do the children have to use stepping stones to cross a shallow river? Explain your response

B. Can children play in the outdoor creek beds, if they have gum boots on?  Explain your response

C. Should children have gumboots on to play in an outdoor creek bed? Explain your response

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