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Part A Urganelles of the endomembrane system The various parts of the endomembrane system serve different functions in the cell. In this activity, you will identify the roles of each part of the endomembrane system Drag each function to the appropriate bin. View Available Hint(s) Reset Help protein synthesis protein modification and sorting macromolecule digestionlipid synthesis autophagy cisternal maturation calcium ion storagepoison detoxification smooth ER rough ER Golgi apparatus ysosomesPart B - Sites of protein synthesis All proteins are synthesized by ribosomes in the cell. Some ribosomes float freely in the cytosol, while others are bound to the surface of the endoplasmic reticulum. Most proteins made by free ribosomes function in the cytosol. Proteins made by bound ribosomes either function within the endomembrane system or pass through it and are secreted from the cell. Which of the following proteins are synthesized by bound ribosomes? Select all that apply. View Available Hint(s) actin lysosomal enzyme insulin ER protein DNA polymerase ribosomal protein SubmitProteins that are secreted from a eukaryotic cell must first travel through the endomembrane system. Drag the labels onto the diagram to identify the path a secretory protein follows from synthesis to secretion. Not all labels will be used. View Available Hint(s) ResetHelp endoplasmic reticulum ysosome plasma membrane trans Golgi cisternae cis Golgi cisternae medial Golgi cisternae peroxisome protein synthesis extracellular spacePart D Pulse-chase experiments and protein location Scientists can track the movement of proteins through the endomembrane system using an approach known as a pulse-chase experiment. This experiment involves the pulse phase: Cells are exposed to a high concentration of a radioactively labeled amino acid for a short period to tag proteins that are being synthesized the chase phase: Any unincorporated radioactively labeled amino acids are washed away and large amounts of the same, but unlabeled, amino acid are added. Only those proteins synthesized during the brief pulse phase are radioactively tagged. These tagged proteins can be tracked through the chase period to determine their location in the cell. The data below were obtained from a pulse-chase experiment in which cells were examined at different times during the chase period. The numbers represent the radioactivity (measured in counts per minute) recorded at each of the indicated sites. The higher the number, the greater the radioactivity. Time ER 162 73 9 Golgi Cytoplasm Lysosomes Extracellular Space 3 minutes 20 minutes 60 minutes 120 minutes 21 35 14 112 13 23 18 151 10 Based on these data, what is the most likely function of the cells in this experiment? View Available Hint(s) detoxification muscle contraction

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