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Part B – Change management project plan

Your task for this assessment is to develop and implement a change management project across a community service’s workplace. For this assessment, you need to be working or volunteering at a management level within the service. 

How you approach and manage this project will vary depending on the workplace’s current practice and required outcomes, however all the criteria for the project must be met for the assessment. This project may be linked with the service’s quality improvement plan as required under legislation, however for the purposes of assessment there may be some additional steps and/or information required than typically used within the service’s QIP arrangements. 

1. Complete a thorough SWOT analysis of your Childcare centre's current performance in line with current overall service objectives and external requirements/ events/ trends that impact on the service. The SWOT analysis must be developed in consultation with relevant stakeholders, specialists or experts.


















Weaknesses (performance gaps)




















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