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Part B. (15 points) This question follows the inheritance of hemophilia, an X-linked recessive disease, in a European Royal family. The Queen and the King (Generation I) had three children, Prince Edward, Prince Leopold and Princess Alice. These children are considered Generation I Prince Edward got married, had two healthy boys (Generation IlI) and lived a long life. . Prince Leopold got married and died from hemophilia when he was 31 years old. His daughter Generation IlI) had a son (Generation IV) who also died from hemophilia at the age of 21 Princess Alice got married and had two children (Generation III), her daughter married and had two boys (Generation IV) Both boys died at a very young age from hemophilia. Princess Alices second child was a boy (Generation IIl) who diedat the age of 3 from hemophilia. You will create a complete family pedigree (12 points) and four Punnett squares (3 points) that will expand the four generations starting with the Queen and King. The Queen is a carrier for hemophilia. The King and all the husbands/wives married to the Queen and King descendants (Generation II and IIl) are considered normal/non-carriers. You will need to use the appropriate symbols and connections in the pedigree chart. Each family member in the pedigree must have their genotype next to its respective symbol. Your pedigree should reflect the trait inheritance in all four generations The four Punnett squares required are: 9 6 Punnett square 1 will represent the union of the Queen and the King. Punnett square 2 will represent the union of Prince Edward and his wife.
Part A.(5 polnts) In the pea plants that Mendel studied, purple/violet flowers are dominant to white flowers and yellow peas are dominant to green peas. The alleles designated for each phenotype are W for purple/violet flowers, w for white flowers, G for yellow peas, and g for green peas. 1) You are provided two plants with the genotypes GgWw and ggWW. Indicate their corresponding phenotype. (1 point). ggWW = 2) Now you must cross these plants together to yield an F1 generation. Write out the expected gametes for each parent. (2 points). Ggww gametes = ggWW gametes You will use Mendels final two laws to generate their gametes. State the two laws and define them in the context of these parents. Name of the Law and a one complete sentence description required. (2 points) Law 1 (name and description)- Law 2 (name and description)
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