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PART B (20 POINTS): In big data environments, analysts are constantly writing ad hoc database queries to obtain general table statistics for purposes of validation, trend analysis, and to simply gain a deeper understanding of their data. Suppose we had a .CSV text file listing bank customers. Each line includes the customers account number, name, marital status and account balance. The bank manager would like to know if customers with different marital status have, on average, significantly different account balances. In a programming language of your choice (or pseudocode), write or describe step-by-step a function that processes the .CSV file and outputs the average account balance for customers in each marital status category, The equivalent database query is provided below. Your code snippet or pseudo- code will likely require more than three lines of code. It does NOT need to be a fully tested application. What limitations of your program are overcome using SQL and a Database Management System? SELECT marital_status, AVG(balance) FROM customers GROUP BY marital_status

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