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Part B Dicentric chromosomes, those with two centromeres, can form as a result of chromosome translocation or as a consequence of inversion with crossing over during gamete formation What would happen to a dicentric chromosome during cell division? Daughter cells will receive two copies of the dicentric chromosome or none at all. Dicentric chromosomes move randomly to one pole or the other or may be lost during cell division. Daughter cells would each receive a full copy of the genetic material from a dicentric chromosome. A kinetochore would assemble on the chromosome and pull each sister chromatid toward opposite poles of the cell. Daughter cells will each receive fragments of dicentric chromosomes. Dicentric chromosomes are pulled in opposite directions during cell division and often break as a result. Submit Part C If cohesin was not produced, or not functional, what would be the effect on mitosis? Sister chromatids may drift apart after being synthesized. Sister chromatids would not be synthesized Sister chromatids cannot be attached to spindle fibers. Sister chromatids cannot be separated during mitosis. Suhmit

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