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Question 2 oha a) The solid steel shaft shown in Figure Q2(a) has a diameter of 30mm. If it is subjected to the two torques, determine the reactions at the fixed supports A and B. 113 marks 500 N m 0.3 in 800 N II 1.5 m 0.2 m Figure Q2(a) b) Shaft AB is made of steel with an allowable shearing stress of 80 MPa, and shaft BC is made of aluminum alloy with an allowable shearing stress of 50 MPa. Knowing that the diameter of the shaft BC is 80 mm and neglecting the effect of stress concentration. Determine the largest torque T, which may be applied at A if the allowable stress is not to be 17 marks] i. exceeded in shaft BC and 15 marks ii. the corresponding required diameter of shaft AB Aluminum Steel Figure Q2(b) Continued...

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