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Question 3 Optiona a) A simple beam carries a uniform load of intensity w 4 kN/m and a concentrated load P = 10 kN shown in Figure Q3(a). Determine: i. The shear-force and bending-moment equations for any section in the interval AC 9 marks] of the beam. i. The values of V and M at the middle of the beam. 16 marks] b) A beam ABCD is subjected to an upward concentrated load P and a downward concentrated load P at the ends of overhangs AB and CD, respectively shown in Figure Q3(b). Determine the shear force V and bending moment M at the midspan of [10 marks] the beam. w-4 kN/m P-10 kN Figure Q3(a) 10 Figure Q3(b)

part b only

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