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Part B please.
(10%) Problem 10: Consider the arrangement of point charges in the figure Ga Ad Otheexpertta.com +7.50pC and qc-9.--7.50 μ 50% Part (a) Straight downward Determine the direction of the force on 9 (with q > 0) in the figure, given that g.-96 Correct >ム50% Part (b) Calculate the magnitude of the force on the charge q in newtons, given that the square is 11 cm on a side and q= 1.75 Grade Summary Deductions 0% Potential 100% Submissions Attempts remaining G0b per attempt detailed view 4 5 6 cotan asi acos0 atan) acotan0 sinh0 coshO tanhO cotanh Degrees Radians Submit Hint I give up
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