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Question: part b suppose one of the 640 gb western digital...

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Part B:

Suppose one of the 640 GB Western Digital hard drives installed in the RAID array and shown in Figure 6-29 on page 251 of your textbook has failed. Search the Internet and find a replacement drive as close to this drive as possible.

1. Take screenshots of three web pages showing the sizes, features, and prices of three possible replacement. (15 points) (Screenshots need to be clear and readable for full credits)

2. Which drive would you recommend as the replacement? (10 points) and why?  (20 points) (answers such as "the drive have great reviews" or "it is cheap" alone is NOT sufficient)

Your answer for part B-2 needs to be very thorough and relevant to earn full credit.

Part C:

Your friend Andrea has an old laptop, an HP Pavilion zd8000, and it is still serving her well. The only complaint she has is the left speaker has a static sound to it. The other speaker sounds good. She asks you to help her out. You know that, because the other speaker is still good, you need to replace the one bad speaker. Research on the Internet to find the speaker replacement part, find an online tutorial on how to replace the speaker for Andrea’s laptop, then answer the following questions:

1. What is the price for the replacement speaker? Cite your source. (5 points)

2. Is the cost of replacement worth more than what the laptop is worth? (5 points)

3. Provide your source for the online tutorial. (5 points)

4. After reviewing an online tutorial explaining the steps to replace the speaker, how long would you guess it would take you to replace the speaker, assuming everything goes as planned? (5 points)

5. List the tools needed to replace the speaker.  Please list them in bullet points format. (5 points)

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