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Part B... thank you!
A thin triangular plate of uniform density and thickness has vertices at vi (1,3) 2(9.4),(7,6), as in the figure to the right, and the mass of the plate is 3 g. Complete parts a and b below 10 a Find the ryko ordinates of the center of mass of the plate This า alance p 1-gram point masses located at the vertices of the plate of the plate coincides with the center of mass of a system consisting of three The center of mass of the plate is located at 33 Type an ordered pair. Type integers or simplified fractions.) located at (T131 b. Determine how to distribute an additional mass of 6 g at the three vertices of the plate to move the balance point of the plate to (4.4) [Hint Let w, W. W denote the masses added at the three vertices, so thatww W 6) Add g at (1,3), add g at (9.4) and add g at(76) (Type integers or decimals rounded to one decimal place as needed)
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