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QUESTION: Foods Inc (FI) sells 5 million units per year of its only product (SuperFood) through a major retailer. SuperFoods retail price is $5 per unit which included a margin to the retailer of 20%. SuperFoods, manufacturing cost is $3 per unit. In order to promote sales, FI pays a sales broker 5% of the retail price of each unit sold. FI spends $3,500,000 per year in fixed costs (ie. advertising, administrative costs and rent of the production facility) a) Calculate SuperFoods per unit variable cost (5 points) b) Calculate SuperFoods unit contribution (5 points) c) Calculate SuperFoodss Break Even Volume (10 points) BEV = ( Unit costmo4 (% decrease in Sales(urrent * Unit Cont(Ment) d) Compare the BEV calculated above with the actual sales of SuperFood. Is FI making a profit? Why? (10 points)

Part C please!

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