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  3. part c the pedigree is what is confusing me thanks...

Question: part c the pedigree is what is confusing me thanks...

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Problem 2.31 10 of 24 A woman expressing a dominant phenotype is heterozygous(Dd) for the gene. PartA What is the probablity that the dominant allele carried by the woman wil be inherted by a grandchid? Previous Answers Correct Part B What is the probablity that two grandchildren of the woman who are first cousins to one another will each inherit the dominant allele? Previous Answers Correct Part C Part c Complete a pedigree that illustrates the transmission of the dominant trait from the grandmother to two of her grandchildren who are first cousins. Assume that a black shape indicates that an individual is a carrier of the dominant allele. Drag the appropriate labels to their respective targets. Reset Help Submit Previous Answers Request Answer Incorrect; Try Again; 5 attempts remaining

Part C (the pedigree) is what is confusing me. Thanks

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