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Question: part d is based on part c the top question...

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Transcription, RNA Processing and translation Practice Problem 47 < 19 of 71 In prokaryotes, how does the length of a typical monocistronic mRNA compare to the length of the protein generated from this mRNA? The number of amino acids and the number of mRNA bases are roughly the same. There are more mRNA bases than amino acids. There are more amino acids than mRNA bases. Previous Answer Correct At the very least, there are 3 RNA bases required to make a codon for each amino acid. Part D Which of the following statements support the previous conclusion that there are more mRNA bases than amino acids? (NOTE: While there may be some rare exceptions that dont support the conclusion, choose statements that typically support the conclusion.) Select all that apply. The mRNA contains a 7-methylguanosine cap. The mRNA contains a poly-A tail. Each codon contains 3 RNA bases The mRNA contains 5, and 3, untranslated regions. Introns have been removed in the mRNA OThe stop codon does not code for an amino acid. The start site of transcription is upstream of the start codon.Part D is based on Part C (the top question)

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