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Part II. Fuel efficiency (6 pts Fuel efficiency is the efficiency of the conversion of chemical energy contained in a fuel into work. Lets see which one of these fuels hydrogen gas or liquid octane) will allow us to do more electrical work. Use the thermo data provided to answer the following questions dynamic 1. First determine the amount of heat released in direct combustion of (a) 1 mole of hydrogen gas; (b) 1 mole of liquid octane (a H20g): (b) CeHis() Note that not all of the energy calculated in this section can be converted into useful work some of it may dissipate! 2. The amount of useful work other than the expansion work that a reaction can produce is given by the AG rm of the process. So the value for the maximum electrical work that can be done in a reaction can be obtained from AG na. And if both AH and AS are knowm it can be calculated using AG AH ram TAS What is the maximum amount of electrical work (p mole of fuel that the same reactions er can perform when carried out at298K? (b) CeHis() Which of the two fuels allows us to do more electrical work per 1 mole ofit used?

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