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Question: part ll this section is to provoke some critical thinking...

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Part ll: This section is to provoke some critical thinking and add some real-life application. Part lI of this discussion assignment will be graded based on thoroughness, not accuracy. At least 100 words.

Use the same cross above and try to think about some examples of how Mendellian genetics has improved everyday life or certain industries/business. Give me an example labelling ‘A’ and ‘a’ and how knowing an organism or human’s genotype can help us make decisions or improve our lives in some way.

I will start by giving you an example. You cannot use my example in your discussion.

Disease: Imagine that for disease X, it is only expressed if an offspring is homozygous for the dominant allele, such as AA in our situation. Those born with AA live tend to only live for 1 week. Luckily, disease X is very rare. Referencing to the Punnet square above, we have AA, Aa, Aa and aa. Therefore your child has a ¼ chance of expressing disease X. I think that research has provided modern medicine with tools such a genetic testing that is very important for parents who are carriers of disease X and other diseases that have detrimental effects on the offspring and may not be as rare.

Part III: Responses to peers. Read part ll of your peers’ ideas. Please comment on their idea and state what you learned from their example and how it can apply/relate to your life. At least 100 words for each reply.

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