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Partch Bioc 100B Winter 2019 3) The figure below shows the structure of a complex between peptide Sonny (colored in yellow) and protein Cher (colored in magenta and pink). Remember that red- oxygen, blue- nitrogen and yellow sulfur. The dashed black lines represent some of the interactions between key side chains that help to stabilize the protein complex. Use the figure above to answer the following questions a) What is the amino acid sequence of Sonny, beginning at its N-terminal end? Use the 3-letter naming code for amino acids. b) What secondary structure, if any, does Sonny adopt? Justify your answer with one structure- based observation from the figure above. c) Describe two of the three apparent interactions above that stabilize the complex between Sonny and Cher, briefly describing the groups on both proteins and how they contribute to complex formation
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