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10.You are an engineer at Company XYZ working on a stand, which is essentially a cantilevered beam Your objective is minimize the amount of angular deflection (slope) at the free and have the minimum amount of weight. (a) Write an expression for the angular deflection 0 at the free end of a cantilevered beam with a square cross-section with side length t, force P applied at the end, a length L, and elastic modulus E. (b) Write an expression for the mass of the beam with a given density p (c) Combine the expressions in (a) and(b) to write an expression for the angular deflection θ of the beam with substitution for the side length t (i.e., the new expression should not contain t). (d) Using the expression in (c) to isolate the material properties shown on the Ashby chart, write the expression for the coefficient/index of performance. (e) What is the slope of the line on the log-log plot shown in the Ashby chart, which plots elastic modulus versus density? (f) Which corner of the Ashby chart would minimize angular deflection versus weight of the beam? (g) Which class of materials would you expect to minimize the deflection versus the weight of the beam (e.g., foams, wood and wood products, rubbers, polymers, porous ceramics, composites, metals and alloys, or ceramics)?parts D,E,F, and G PLEASE

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